Business License

East Ellijay Business License Application Instructions

When planning to begin a business in the City Limits of East Ellijay, you must first file a Business License application. You must bring the original application along with a copy of your Driver’s License, State Professional License (if applicable), federal and state tax identification documents and your check for the appropriate fees payable to the City of East Ellijay.

  • Restaurants are required to submit a copy of the Georgia Department of Public Health Food Service Permit for such restaurant before a business license will be issued. Information regarding food service permits can be obtained from the Gilmer County Environmental Health Department at 706-635-6050. If applying for an alcohol license, a background check and finger prints will need to be ran.
  • The U.S. Internal Revenue Service issues an Identification number (E.I.N.) to any business that: 1) has employees, and/or 2) plans to establish itself as a corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship (some exceptions may apply). Provide the E.I.N. with your business license application. The telephone number to call to obtain this number is 800-829-4933 or online at
  • The State of Georgia levies a sales and use tax on the retail purchase, retail sale, rental, storage, use or consumption of tangible personal property and on certain services described in the Georgia Code. It is the responsibility of any business owner making transactions subject to this tax to obtain a Georgia Sales and Use Tax number. Provide the Georgia Sales Tax number with your business license application. The telephone number to call to obtain this number is 706-389-6977. The website is select business taxes, sales tax, and then select on-line business registration.
  • Certain professions are required to obtain profession licenses/certifications from the State of Georgia. A few examples of these professions are: Plumbers, Electricians, Heating/Air Conditioning contractors, Attorneys, Physicians, Cosmetologists, and Salons. For more information on Georgia State professional licensing, call the Georgia Secretary of State licensing board at 478-207-2440. Documentation of this certification must be provided with the business license application.
  • For sign permits contact the Zoning/Code Enforcement officer at 706-276-3111 ext. 105 or for information regarding the number, size, and type of signage that is allowed for your business location. He will also be the one to issue any kind of electrical, plumbing or HVAC permit (if needed). If permits are issued, you must also attach a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy.
  • New Businesses must also attach a copy of the County Fire Inspection certificate before license will be issued. Contact the Fire Marshall’s office to set up the inspection at 706-635-1333.
  • Business Licenses run like the calendar year (Jan.-Dec.). All licenses expire on Dec. 31st and have to be renewed before then. Renewal applications are mailed out in November.

All required documents must be submitted before a business license will be issued.